It is with great pleasure that the Scholarship Committee has chosen 3 candidates to receive the 2024BRTA Scholarships of $1500. One of these scholarships is in honor of Josephine Slacer, chosen because the candidate is not only academically successful but demonstrated his commitment to community service and school service.

The applicants are as follows:

-8 applications were received

-all 8 were eligible

School Breakdown:

2 from #156 Fredrick Law Olmsted

2 from Hutchinson Central Technical HS

2 from City Honors School

2 from Buffalo Academy for the Visual And Performing Art

The awardees are:

Zigabor Banuna is a senior from Hutch Tech. His teachers feel he is a very serious student who is responsible and constantly puts forth his best effort. He interacts well with his classmates.  He hopes to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering after being part of the GHD/Beam program.  He also hopes to also to achieve a degree in Business Management.  Zigabor’s dream is to design and create his own automobile.

Luca Falcone is a senior at Frederick Law Olmsted School #156. He will be receiving the award in honor of Josephine Slacer for his community involvement.   His core value is knowledge is power. Luca hopes to pursue a business in cybersecurity where he aims to educate the underrepresented by offering digital safety camps.

Keaira Burt is a senior at Frederick Law Olmsted #156.  She is reserved, respectful, observant, detail orientated and hard working – as described by her teachers. She plans to major in Education, becoming a teacher and working with children.  She hopes to help less motivated students who do not have access to the same support as other classmates.

Scholarships Winners 2024