Opportunities & Benefits

I) The following have been named and confirmed as chairs of the B. R. T. A. Standing Committees.  One Chair does not make a committee.  Listed below are the names and phone numbers of all chairs who would be glad of a call to offer assistance in carrying out the duties of the committee.

They are:

        Carolyn Cardarella — Community Service & Benefits—689-8838

                                         — Elections committee—    

        Josephine Cross —Friendly Service—636-3014

                                           —Health Info & Update—

        Linda Parada —Membership--875-3392

        Mary Agnes Marabella —Program & Luncheon—635-9530

        Theresa Pope —Public Relations—838-3193

        Clarann Josef —Scholarship & Charities—832-6583

        Russell Gervasi - 839-5781,  Al Marabella -635-9530 —Travel Committee          

        Elisa Harting—Newsletter—838-3708 


To get a full description of these committee activities, please call the chair for more info.

IIA) Dunn Tire

    BRTA's negotiations with Dunn Tire for a discount program have failed. Dunn Tire's new program is based on creating partnerships with other local businesses in the Dunn Tire regional areas. Quoting from their marketing manager's e-mail to BRTA: "Since the Buffalo Retired Teachers Association is not a business with employees, the organization does not fit into the scope of the program."

    They go on to remind us that they have many discounts, offers, and promotions throughout the year for customers. Therefore, the best BRTA can do for its members is to remind you to look for the Dunn Tire ad in the paper. They go on to say that if you find tires at a lower price at one of their competitors, you can bring that estimate to them and they will beat it.

                                                                                                --Steve Parada

IIB)  The BTF has again offered to share the Faculty Rewards program for magazine subscriptions with BRTA members.  You can renew, order new, or send as gifts.  To take advantage of this program go to www.facultyrewards.com and enter the code 403360.